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PoARTry by Tiara
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A picture may be worth a thousands of them, but words have created entire worlds. The soul mate connection from the marriage of the two may be our most powerful form of expression.

I believe everyone has been bestowed a unique gift. However, I realize not all are artistic in nature. Allow me to use my award winning poetic and photographic gifts of imagery to present a one of a kind conversation piece perfect for any occasion. PoARTry by Tiara is the perfect customized gift for all ages. Every piece of PoARTry is as unique as your imagination.

Each work of art is displays a professionally mounted, black and white or color photograph customized with an elegantly handwritten piece of customized poetry. Custom PoARTtry clothing, totes, frames, and candles are also available. If there is something specific in mind you would like us to do, let us know and we can make it happen! Pricing varies depending on the size and style. No matter your budget, each gallery quality piece is given the utmost attention to detail. For further information ot to commission your own PoARTry please contact: or


(example of an original PoARTry piece commissioned for a little girls room. More poetry examples avl. to view at under author Tiara Cunningham. Full length original poem reads below)

My Cherokee Butterfly
fluttering by with the newborn fairies
on top of the morning glories
to hear grand stories from the wise old oaks
a giggling spree at the ladybug tea
over the hilarious joke that bullfrog croaked

My Cherokee Butterfly
radiating beauty divine
marching in line with the military ants
watching ponies prance to the beat
of the bunnies thump-thump on the bongo drum
humming along at lily's pad
as the koi listen below

My Cherokee Butterfly
honeysuckle breezes tickle your wings
over the silly things the bumblebees buzz
iridescent dragonflies racing by
trying to beat the june bugs home
tap dancing with a millipede across a polished stone

My Cherokee Butterfly
the crickets begin their lullaby
as the sunset paints your picture
in the ponds' ripples and folds
the lotus kisses you goodnight
sweet dreams my butterfly
of what tomorrow can hold

"Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in thy sight, O Lord, my rock, and my redeemer." Psalm 19:14